How COVID affects kids surveys show infection pattern in kids

In the words of an experienced pediatrics professor, Dr. Sonja Rasmussen, “how COVID affects kids surveys” must be carried out soon.

The role of children during this coronavirus pandemic is something that is key to the moving forward of society yet tackled with kid’s gloves. There are still lots of questions that can only be answered by stringent tests by experts.

With schools running helter-skelter on how to resume, children are busy basking in the euphoria of their freedom. President of American, Donald Trump, has said in an interview that “science is very clear.”

At the same time, most experts in the field are still adamant that evidence is still not inclusive.

Kids show little or no symptoms according to reports

A small scale of how covid affects kids surveys carried out suggests that children have almost zero risks of getting infected compared to the adults with the children only having mild symptoms.

According to a survey carried out when the virus first started Wuhan, China, 2% of children were said to be infected. A further study showed that infected children in America were about 5% to 8%. 

According to the Center for Disease Control numbers, the firm has said that children around 17 and below that tested positive for the virus were said to be about 175,374. With that huge yet small number, it constitutes only about 5% of the country’s total number of confirmed cases.

Experts have said the number is just a significant reflection of the tested children. They stressed that some children had not been tested primarily due to mild or no symptoms.

How COVID affects kids surveys determines infection pattern in kids

Looking at the mortality rate, the CDC noted that nothing less than 228 casualties had been recorded in children and teenagers, which is just 0.2% of the total number of deaths around the country.

According to the Wuhan testing center, a total of 171 children were brought in for testing positive, and most of them recorded little or no symptoms. The center also noted that a casualty was recorded, and just three were put on breath aiding ventilators.

According to the CDC statistics for children, out of every five kids, one would test positive, which in the case of adults is 3 to 1. Even though there is no framework for how these data we’re gotten, there is a considerable probability that the majority of these infected children show no symptoms at all.

Currently, the search is underway for the kids as we need to know the impact of the virus on the kids and environment at large, Rasmussen says.

Stressing further, the doctor said we need to carry out how COVID affects kids surveys to know the exact ratio of kids that are getting infected