Virtual education costs amid the pandemic is more complex than you think

Most schools have switched to e-learning while others are still making use of in-person learning. With the majority of schools charging the same amount for remote learning and in-person learning, it begs the question: How much should virtual education cost?

How much should virtual education cost?

With the majority of schools choosing the online learning option, some schools are still allowing students into the school but under guided health measures.

According to reports, the New York University and St. Josephs college are still asking students to resume. With New York striving hard to keep infection rates across the state to a minimum, the effects of in-person learning in the schools could affect them.

With just a little number of schools in the country deciding to take a 10% cut because students are being provided with virtual education instead of in person education.

The majority of the schools that have chosen to adopt the online learning method are being cautious as they have shifted their focus to making online learning a success.

Coming with the commendable news of moving students learning to their online platform is the question that is bugging the mind of most people, which is how much should virtual education cost?.

The majority have argued that online education should be relatively cheaper, considering that students are using their resources to access the classes. Students pay for WiFi, have their own computers and other gadgets and as a result of that, thry should pay way less for virtual education.

Schools need to cut resources and help their students, experts say

Some others have argued that since real-life lectures provide students with what they need to understand, virtual learning is a terrible job of making that a reality.

While the arguments above are understandable, others have argued that since students are still ending up with the same degree, they should pay the same amount for online learning. With the majority of the public schools generating their income through the students’ fees, they should be able to provide them with things needed for their online classes.

Experts have argued that state schools can still make a reasonable cut for students as everyone feels the coronavirus pandemic impact. With the reduction, students can afford themselves the necessary things needed to help their dream of learning from home.

According to statistics, coaches of athletics teams earn more money, and with them currently staying home, they can take pay cuts. If the schools can provide some good measures to help their students, then how much should virtual education cost?.

The answer is simple since virtual education cost average in the state is about $38,000 to $90,000, universities across the country can decide to take a 10% cut and charge students between $34,000 to $81,000.

The same applies to out of state virtual education cost, as opposed to the roughly $54,000 charged, a simple pay cut around the 20% mark would be advised.