Parents juggling jobs with children plead for teachers’ help

Balancing between fulltime jobs and children’s education has become a challenge during this lockdown period. Parents are now sharing their experience about what it is like to juggle between these two important aspects of life.

Parents are now learning about how to juggle between fulltime jobs, raising kids amid the spread of coronavirus. With almost a third of the world already placed in some sort of restriction and 1.5 billion students out of schools according to data from UNESCO, these parents have been forced to adapt to the new realities.

Parents balancing work and children’s education

The problem is more pronounced with the parents who are also on lockdown and working from home with their children. Adapting to these changes has been frustrating and a new experience for a lot of them. One such parent is Krista Stark, of Webb City, who works 40 hours a week.

Stark has now been confined at home due to the coronavirus pandemic with her two kids who go to school in the Webb City School district. Stark, who is now working from home is adapting to new changes where she has to create a routine for her own children and still be able to work.

Experience gained from tutoring kids

To her, the experience is very enlightening and described teaching her kids new skills as something that required a lot of patience. She argued the experience can also be nourishing to parent-children relationships and could help strengthen the bond between the two. She called on other parents to be patient with their kids during this difficult period.

Shonda Rhimes, an American film producer, also took to Twitter to vent her frustration about juggling these roles.

Teachers are important to the social fabric

The producer received a lot of commentary and support from other parents who were also having a hard time balancing work and teaching their kids. Parents shared the difficulties they were going through and for a moment, they were not alone and felt a sense of connection with everyone else going through the same thing.

The past few weeks of lockdown have highlighted why teachers are an important part of our social fabric. Most parents also took to twitter to appreciate the difficult role these teachers play in their children’s’ lives. The short time these parents have been left to supervise their children’s education has been difficult, according to them, and most are looking forward to when things will return to normalcy.


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