Hungary clamors for more teachers

According to Hungary’s opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), more teachers are needed as the shortage of teachers threaten the nation’s entire education system.

On September 1, Gergely Arato, a DK lawmaker, asserted that the Hungary government ought to admit the failure of the centralized education structure. 

He also claimed that whenever local councils managed schools, the prevailing teachers’ shortage was not witnessed. 

Hungary’s elevated teachers’ shortage

Information attained from trade unions, and advertisements from the public sector acknowledge the presence of a roaming teachers shortage to the tune of thousands. 

According to Arato, schools are struggling to remain relevant as the shortage of teachers is compromising productivity. 

For instance, he stipulated that one of the Hungarian schools was looking for teaching applicants who could fill a whole department. 

Arato also noted that the education sector is also affected by poor wages among teachers as their pay has not been hiked despite their administrative roles increasing. 

Parents input minimal in Hungary’s education structure

Arato proclaimed that parents role and input about Hungary’s education sector was highly emphasized in the past. This has, however, changed because of stringent measures by the Hungarian administration.

Hungary should follow the footsteps of India, whereby it launched a training programme for at least forty-two (42) lakh (a hundred thousand) teachers

Expressly, this training project named NISHTHA (National Initiative on School Teachers Head Holistic Advancement) was established on August 22. 

It was asserted that this training was meant to expand the teachers’ knowledge base as they are crucial societal pillars. As a result, their prowess should continuously be upgraded for optimal productivity.