Discover the IMF’s innovative Learning coin and what’s the purpose behind it

Recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in collaboration with the World Bank, launched a digital currency called Learning coin, which aims to provide an educational opportunity for staff members who want to learn about blockchain technology.

The Learning coin has no monetary value, and its sole purpose is to provide a learning environment which offers detailed information on distributed ledgers, private blockchains, and the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

While this initiative by the IMF and the World Bank will only be available to staff members of the two organizations, blockchain education is gaining popularity all over the world, with numerous college and online course available on the subject.

Why develop the Learning coin?

According to the IMF’s official release report, the creation of a digital coin with educational purposes was necessary. To stay informed, central banks and monetary institutions need to become better equipped to follow financial trends, and blockchains and cryptocurrencies are very popular at the moment. 

In an interview with CNBC, former IMF Managing Director, and recently elected ECB President Christine Lagarde said that cryptocurrencies and digital coins are:

clearly shaking the system.

Considering the stellar rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the past several years, it is no surprise that the IMF and the World Bank decided to launch the Learning coin project. 

Blockchain technology is not something that can be understood by intuition, and the Learning coin project aims to provide a comprehensive guide for the World Bank and IMF employees so that they can be on top of financial trends and global changes.