A Southampton immigrant’s point of view: Vote to be heard

An immigrant from Southampton urges those who are eligible to vote to practice their rights and let their voices be heard.

Life in Southampton

SOUTHAMPTON – This will be the first time he will exercise his right to vote, Musah Stamburi will participate in his first-ever general election. At age 22, he is now on his third year in college taking up a degree in public relations and communications, one of more than 30,000 students in Southampton.

Southampton, Itchen, a Conservative party lead by Royston Smith represents the city of Southampton in the House of Commons of the U.K. Parliament.

We are all in a big mess right now, all because of Brexit. It is about time to let our voices be heard by voting.

Just any other student, Stamburi is voting for the Labour party.

At this point, it is not Brexit that worries me. Talks about tuition fees, immigration, and housing are my main concern.

Conservative immigration policies bother Stamburi. As a student at Solent University owing around $70,000 of student debt, his concern is how to pay his debt after graduation if immigration policies will not be in their favour. As of today, conservative immigration policies have been ineffective and questionable.

Housing, student debt, and work availability

The labour party’s advocacy favours those like Stambari who are in dire need of sustainability in the U.K. Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn is pushing to maintain “a great deal of movement” after Brexit. It allows EU citizens to study and travel in any member country.

In contrast, the conservative party wants to limit the number of immigrants in EU countries.

Cost of housing is a massive issue in Southampton. A recent report just showed a 35 percent increase in homelessness in young people in only one year (2016-2017). Cost of housing and paying student debts are significant contributors to this problem.

Charitable institutions getting fewer

The problem of poor labour policies and the high cost of living are also having a significant impact on charitable institutions around the city.

With the growing number of homeless and jobless young people in the city, food banks, churches, and other charitable institutions took the liberty of accommodating them.But even funded institutions are having to keep up with the growing number of dependents.

What is needed is a support system that will help young people stand up on their own and more jobs open for their fields and experience.

According to Stamburi:

I am very optimistic about my decision for voting is for a better future. My overall attitude right now is “hit and hope”.


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