Inclusive activities break stigma on mental health issues

A joint project between several student clubs at Indiana University and the not-for-profit organization Bring Change to Mind has resulted in several inclusive activities to help break the stigma surrounding young adults with mental health issues.

According to a study done after the initiative began, these inclusive activities helped students and faculty on campus to form contacts and relationships with their mentally ill peers, which resulted in a change in attitude for many of the young adults.

The study asked the graduating class of 2019 to submit their opinions when they were freshmen and again this year before they graduated. The results of the study were stunning.

Activities during the initiative included fashion shows and regular club meetings open to all students on campus. 

Inclusive activities 

Mental health is a significant subject, and educational institutions have a long way to go. However, statistics show that college presidents are increasingly making efforts to better the environment for students with mental health issues. 

In addition, more than seventy percent of survey respondents say that there has been an increase in the amount of funding allocated for improvements related to mental health. 

There is an excellent development in the United States in terms of acceptance levels and forward-thinking when it comes to mental health in the educational system. 

Mental health in education around the world

Mental health is becoming a significantly more critical aspect of school life. Unfortunately, in some cases, the school environment is a leading cause of mental health issues among students. 

For example, statistics show that more than thirty percent (30%) of students in South Korea have had suicidal thoughts at least once. According to experts in the mental health sphere, these thoughts were provoked by conditions like depression and anxiety.

In spite of such worrying statistics, the general trend around the world is that mental health issues are getting better recognized by leading figures in education.