India continues its ban on Chinese apps in the country

The ban on Chinese apps in India has intensified as the confrontation between the two countries has yet to recede.

A ban on Chinese apps

The Government of India has continued its move to impose a ban on Chinese apps in the country. And additional 47 new apps have been added to the 59 previously banned apps from China. This move from the government sends out a clear message to the Chinese government that India is serious when it comes to defending its sovereignty.

The ban on Chinese apps started last month by taking away popular apps including TikTok, BIGO LIVE, and ShareIt from India’s Android Playstore and AppStore. The move by India’s government made a huge impact financially against the Chinese app developers.

India is considered as one of the top patrons of Chinese app next to China’s very own citizens. The large population of users in India makes the country as one of the major markets for Chinese mobile apps. In India alone, there are around 300 million individuals accessing the following Chinese apps.

The Government of India is imposing the ban on Chinese apps, as suggested by its Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. With the ongoing tension between India and China over border issues, the ministry suggested the takedown of numerous Chinese developed apps as it might leak out sensitive information that might jeopardize the security in India.

The tension between India and China

Differences between India and China regarding the Line of Actual Control (LAC) standoff has yet to be settled. Talks are ongoing but actions are still progressive on both sides.

With India sending a strong message that it is not backing down from superpower country China, talks are expected to last longer as expected.