India draws biggest EdTech investments

The opportunity for education technology investments is the biggest in India in 2019 with its ongoing reforms to improve the current education quality. 

In a report by HolonIQ, the education technology companies have invested only $700 million. Out of those $700 million, Byju’s covers over $540 million itself. The rest is shared by different smaller startups or companies.

Currently, there are 600 million people who are under the age of 25. Out of those, only 260 million are attending the schools. A little more than 25 million are in colleges and universities pursuing graduation, So approximately 4.2% of the 600 million students are enrolled for higher education. As compared to the US, who has a population of 100 million under 25 and 17 million of them are undergraduates.  

Not only this, India has the second-highest smartphone users in the world with a population of 400 million. With the policies under construction and the ones approved earlier, India is a goldmine for the investors. Moreover, India has allowed complete direct foreign investment for its education sector.

Investment opportunity at an all-time high

With the improved access to data services and mobile internet, e-learning has gone massively up in the country and these numbers keep increasing every day. Byju’s founded in 2011, with the help of internet services, has captured the market for primary, high school education. It has recently entered into the competitive exams market and looks to add more.

Indian students though, with the availability of multiple education platforms won’t just get in. With investments, the quality has to be maintained equal to the US education standards. 

In 2018, the investment in US education was twice that of India and China’s investment in their education was 7 times greater than India. However, if investment flows in India, keeping up with the international quality and standards, they can leave China behind.