India launches a training programme for 42 lakh teachers

Information from India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) reveals the setting up of a project deemed to be the largest teacher training in the world. 

Expressly, the training is set for August 22, where at least forty-two (42) lakh (a hundred thousand) teachers will be trained all over the nation. 

India has been making incredible steps in the education sector. For instance, India is conventionally known for teacher preparation and education leadership.

Moreover, Indian tutors were regarded as Vishwa guru for many years. 

India’s education project

The teacher’s training project known as NISHTHA( National Initiative on School Teachers Head Holistic Advancement) is expected to expand the knowledge base of thousands of tutors. 

Ramesh Nishank, India’s Human Resource Development Minister, asserts that the traditional education structure was legendary based on the successes achieved. 

He acknowledged that the tutoring project could come in handy in propelling this legacy because teachers ought to be viewed as society’s powerhouses. 

Nishank affirms that India made exceptional progress because it appreciated that schools are the bases of any prosperous country. As a result, teachers play a fundamental role in shaping and molding students’ expertise.

He also notes that teachers are fundamental pillars of any society. As a result, their expertise ought to be upgraded for optimal results. Nishank believes that this can only be attained if collaborations are made with teacher education institutions

Teachers have also been expected to be tech-savvy based on the present digital world. For instance, an opinion shows that they ought to have Twitter accounts so that they can be professionally updated and recharge their professional drive. 

Nevertheless, a teacher’s shortage can be damaging as illustrated by many states’ concern whereby fewer students are willing to pursue higher education in teaching in the United States. 

Moreover, the deficit witnessed has been instigated by the fact that most of the trained and educated teachers are opting out of the profession.