A campaign is raised as an act to support crypto education

Indian crypto enthusiasts raised a challenge when a recent issue was revealed about a bill which concerns banning the cryptocurrencies in terms of trading and using it. The contents of the bill are yet to be made as official but the “infraction of certain terms” may involve up to ten (10) years of imprisonment. 

As an act of dissent, a campaign from CryptoUnlocked was released on July 8 at Twitter. It is about contributing and donating the funds it received to freeCodeCamp, a non-profit interactive platform to teach its users about web development. 

The campaign will proceed to distribute the collected funds if the crypto ban is finally confirmed until July 16. If it isn’t, all of the funds will be returned to its contributors.

The challenge is for the hope that the study community of freeCodeCamp can help to educate people in India about the ins and outs of blockchain tech and crypto tokens if the ban hovers and came true.

A great number of crypto holders and enthusiasts expressed discontent and protested against the draft bill. In the midst of all of this, leading financial corporations and judiciary agencies showed their support to finalize the bill as the end game. 

The significant economic potential was thrown down the drain and made the entire crypto space lost in limbo. All of this while there is yet a clarification about the validity of the ban.