Indian Online Education Promising Growth with Unacademy

How exciting is it to hear the news about India’s developing education sector? This year, Indian online course platform Unacademy (Bangalore) has raised over $50 million for further development of the program (D series).

Unacademy serves for the online education of Indian population.

Steadview Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, Blume Ventures, Sequoia India and Unacademy’s co-founders (Gaurav Munjal and Roman Saini) have been driving the D series to the second phase, where the startup acquired $90 million to this day.

D series is a 4-year-old startup that will serve the students who are trying to apply to college by passing competitive exams. Students who are looking for graduation-level courses will be able to watch and listen to online live classes from teachers, followed by an open discussion of the subject, imitating the physical classroom situation.

Unacademy shows exciting statistics. With more than 10 000 educators on the platform, 13 million learners are looking for better ways. It’s a huge step forward for Unacademy, considering that their user number was 3 million last year.

Indian Online Education to Grow

Founders of Unacademy announced that the acquired money would be used to attract more teachers on the platform and to create new online courses. Furthermore, they are planning to improve the user experience and grow the team.

Looking back, it’s nice to see how a promising project can develop so much. Unacademy started out as a single YouTube channel, and see what it has become today. They offer free and paid courses on their platform, and host more than 50 000 subscribers and more than 100 million views every month.

Founders are astonished by the interest rates towards their platform, from both, students and teachers. Munjal commented in one of his interviews, that his proud of his creation getting so big. He’s pleased that so many top-quality educators choose Unacademy as their hub of delivering education. He’s excited to have a popular platform that works great for smaller towns and cities as well.

We didn’t hear about the plans and hopes for the international breakthrough, but Unacademy is present in Indonesia too. I believe, with the development rates like these, they will soon catch up with Unicorn Byju and go on the global market.