75% of Indian parents prefer online learning over physical classes

Around 75 percent of Indian parents prefer online learning while no vaccine for COVID-19 is available.

Indian parents prefer online learning

A survey with 5000 respondents showed that Indian parents prefer online learning for their children. The survey was conducted last June on parents from 18 different cities across India.

With the success of online learning in other countries during the pandemic, most parents are now leaning towards online learning.

Out of the surveyed respondents, 70 percent of which have children who initially tried online learning. Some schools went online learning early on when the pandemic started to hit India.

90 percent of the parents are against physical classes, for now. 70 percent of which are pro-online learning, while the remaining 30 percent are either opting for modular learning or skipping the school year.

India, known for its high poverty rate in certain areas cannot fully sustain online learning. Most of the families not in favor with physical classes that belong to the low-income bracket are left with the option of opting out for the current school year.

Safety is the priority

Indian parents prefer online learning as it proves to show to be safer than physical classes and more effective than modular learning. Parents also do not favor having private physical tutors as the risk of transmission of the virus is still there.

On a lighter note, in a town in India, Kashmir, students started to resume physical classes but in open-air classrooms. The mountainous territory offers huge spaces for students to practice social distancing, and with an open-air setup, the air circulation is free and poses less risk of the virus to be transmitted.