Why Indian Students Aren’t Fond of UK Universities?

Hundreds of Indian students who dream about studying abroad, visiting UK universities and continuing their studies there, are restricted and not so fond of the universities of the UK as it was in 2010.

Recently made changes regarding the international student policy, Indian students no longer thrive to continue their studies in UK universities.

Changes of:

  • Post-work visa withdrawal
  • Aggravation of the conditions of English language knowledge for international students
  • Increased costs for education

These changes made up Indian students’ minds to visit other countries and acquire higher education there.

This process has been going for years. Ten years ago, the UK had welcomed more than 40 000 students from India. That number today is less than 16 000.

Rajya Sabha (Council of States in India) directed the topic to Minister of State for External Affairs, where he asked if the decay of the number of Indian students in UK universities was sharp.

In response, Mr. Muraleedharan said, “India has consistently raised issues relating to Indian students in all bilateral discussions with the UK at various levels.”

The subject is still under care. It was discussed several times at the UK Home Office meeting on January 16, May 10 and May 14 this year.