Indiana University awarded $970,000 to establish language training center

The “Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies” at Indiana University has been granted a very generous sum of nine hundred thousand USD. The purpose of the fund is to set up a training center for languages and culture for the personnel at the United States Department of Defense.

A deep understanding of history, culture, and language of a region helps in better understanding international issues. Hamilton Lugar School is considered to be the best school in this category and is ideally suited to train defense professionals.

Indiana University offers more than eighty world languages, which includes Korean, Chinese, Russian, etc. They provide training in the cultures of South America, Central Asia, the Middle East, among others.

This program is intended to support the Indiana National Guard and U.S Special Operations Forces.

The program is established on behalf of “Defense Language and National Security Education Office.” One of their priorities for national defense is to maintain a pipeline of talent skilled in critical languages.

Lee Feinstein, former Ambassador and founding Dean of the Hamilton Lugar School, sees this award as an acknowledgment of the college for their contribution in the field of language studies. He said,

“The generous grant validates the school and university’s support to deepen its commitment to the study of languages and area studies, at a time when national trends are in the other direction, with universities shrinking or even eliminating language programs.”