India’s child prodigy: Ph.D. at age 22

A spectacle of talent, India’s child prodigy, Tathagat Avatar Tulsi, completes his Ph.D. at age 22.

India’s child prodigy

Geniuses are scattered all around the globe nowadays. This includes India’s child prodigy, Tathagat Avatar Tulsi, gifted with a powerful mind when it comes to Mathematics. For some, the Math subject seems to be a grave nightmare, but for this genius, it was simple as “1, 2, 3, …” literally.

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi, born in the year 1987, born to average minded parents, was already projected as India’s child prodigy at such a young age. Graduated in high school at a very young age of just nine years old, Tulsi seems to be well equipped to face his academic challenges head-on. He managed to finish his Bachelor’s degree in just one year and finished his Master’s education at age 12.

The most interesting part of Tulsi’s education walkthrough is when he proceeded to take his Ph.D. education and managed to finish it at age 21. His paper was published and titled “A new Algorithm for Fixed-point Quantum Search”. He was highly recruited after his Ph.D. stint, he chose to work in IIT Bombay and became the youngest professor in India to teach in an IIT school.

But things went south for Tulsi after being sacked by his school of employment due to excessive absences and grave misconduct. Tulsi, answered all allegations, citing IIT Bombay failed to address his request for school transfer due to his medical condition related to the weather in Bombay. Tulsi’s appeal for reconsideration is still on the hands of IIT’s school board, as for now, he remains jobless but hopes to get back to IIT.