India’s quality education boosted by technology

India’s quality education has been made a reality through various technological innovations. As a result, many Indian youths have benefitted through the expansion of their knowledge base. 

India’s quality education has been instigated by the objective of higher education systems to be equitable, accessible, and robust.

India’s quality education prompted by diversity

India’s diversity has instigated disparity in education standards across distinctive regions. For instance, students in some Indian cities can access internationally accredited learning centers, colleges, and schools.

Nevertheless, this is not the situation for learners in smaller cities as they usually face the challenge of getting educational institutions offering quality teaching. 

India’s quality education has, therefore, been prompted by technology, irrespective of a student’s background or locality. 

Technology has become a considerable facilitator in assisting deprived students as they are attaining quality education despite their proficiency levels and geographical locations. 

For example, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) mandated with carrying out national recruitment examinations for several banks, such as Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and PSU Banks, conducts them through online platforms. This helped boost India’s quality education.

Online coaching propelling India’s quality education

Students from smaller Indian towns and cities have been opting for online coaching and tests. These online platforms have been pivotal in presenting a live classroom experience as a direct interaction is availed between learners and faculty. 

Oliveboard, an online test preparation platform, has been instrumental in making students succeed through customized study plans, video lectures, analytics coupled with instant feedback, and live teaching sessions. India’s quality education is made possible by collaboration.

Indian online learners have also been benefiting from e-learning technology that helps tackle areas necessitating improvement at a faster rate. All in all, institutions have done a lot in ensuring India’s quality education.

On the other hand, AI (artificial intelligence) education is being fronted as being the key to India’s supremacy.

Expressly, Vishal Sikka, the former Infosys CEO, recently revealed that he trusts India has the capability of being the global leader in AI education. This is, however, dependent on the way India massively integrates its education system with AI.