Innovation makes learning easier and interesting; says a microbiologist

Innovation and creativity are of utmost importance for a society to develop sustainably, the importance of which is realized in today’s era. This and other views on innovation in education were expressed by Dr. Ifthikhar Ahmed, Head of the Department of Microbiology at Enam Medical College, Savar, Dhaka.

He says further that the key to reaching one’s innovative and creative potential is education. Remodeling of the education system is of value only if it helps to improve the educational environment and accelerates student’s development.

This brings to mind that oftentimes, we have to face a backlash for bringing the modifications in teaching methods. Traditionally, students used to jot down the important points, which they deemed important from the lectures, as a norm.

Contrary to this practice, students nowadays have started taking an active role in the learning process which makes learning an interactive process involving both the parties.

Education has entered a digital age which has remarkably affected the lifestyles and teaching is no exception. Students, these days, like interactive methods more which enhance the analytical skills and creativity of the students.

Dr. Ifthikhar Ahmed gives credit to the creative innovation strategies which have made learning a lot more easier and interesting.

Effect of innovation on the traditional education system

For instance, multimedia-based, the audio-visual educational system helps students memorize a lecture better by driving their attention which in turn, intensifies their learning capacities. Audio and visuals of the learning material aid students in creating the association with them thus, helping them memorizing the learning material more efficiently.

The interaction among teachers, parents, and students has also seen a great advancement through innovation in terms of social media. Now students can boost their learning process and can opt for saving their time and energy by self-learning.

Besides, computer-based education allows teachers to instruct their students remotely. All this hints at the importance of revolutionizing the learning process and remodeling methods of teaching to make it adaptable to the fastest growing world.

Innovation needs to be consistent, systemic and measurable which is why it is expected of researchers, teachers, and policymakers to be broad-minded as far as learning and teaching methods are concerned not only in theory but in practice also.

Way Forward

Now, is high time we have more creative and critical thinkers around us.

Our primary mission should be to take humanity to the epitome of excellence. This mission can only be achieved if we get to produce a generation of musicians, mathematicians, painters, and inventors, he added.