Integration of sex education in higher education curriculum

The Commission on Higher Education is willing to approve the integration of sex education on courses offered in college.

Integration of sex education to existing subjects

The Chairman for the Commission on Higher Education, Prospero De Vera informed today that the agency is willing to approve the integration of sex education on the course subjects offered in college. According to De Vera, integration of sex education in existing course subjects in college will be a lot easier and efficient as compared to implementing a new course subject specially intended for sex education. Senate Bill 1334 or commonly known as the Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy Act of 2020, states that comprehensive learning about sex education should be introduced to students at the college level.

For De Vera, integrating sex education to existing course subjects is the only way to push through with Senate Bill 1334. It will be difficult to insert a new course subject that will tackle solely about sex education as the college curriculum already have a fixed number of units to be followed.

What are the contents

On the proposed Senate Bill endorsed by Senator Risa Hontiveros, sexual education topics must dwell in removing the idea of talking about sexual information as being taboo. It aims to normalize the conversation about sexuality, prevention from sexually transmitted diseases, the use of contraceptives, teenage pregnancy, sexual violence, and gender equality.

Passing the Bill will be a huge step towards controlling the rapid rise of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines.