International students market: Rebranding India for 1M

An initiative known as Study in India was launched with the objective of rebranding India for at least one million international students. Figures released show only 0.13% or 47,427 international students, a tiny fraction of 37.4 million students found in this nation. 

The Ministry of Human Resource Development revealed this information after a survey was conducted in India’s higher education institutions. As a result, considerable concerns were raised about the low number of international students from 164 nations. 

Statistics of India’s 0.13% international students 

The study carried out showed that nearly 64% of foreign students were from 10 nations. Interestingly, most of them were India’s regional neighbors. 

For instance, Bangladesh sent 4% of all international students, whereas Afghanistan and Nepal sent 10% and 27%, respectively. 

The other nations comprising of the top 10 included Iran, Sri Lanka, Yemen, US, Nigeria, Bhutan, and Sudan. 

Nearly two-thirds of India’s 0.13% of foreign students had been enrolled for undergraduate programs, whereas 16% of them at the postgraduate level. 

International students market need solutions

Different stakeholders have expressed their concerns about the low numbers of international students in India. As a result, amicable solutions have been necessitated.

While rebranding is one strategy, other strategies include fee waivers. This approach has proven to be instrumental because the British Council and Universities UK International recently revealed a bilateral pilot program to enhance UK students’ outward mobility towards India. 

Substantial plans are being made to increase the number of foreign students in India. For example, Four Indian Universities recently entered into agreements with the University of Leeds to collaborate on research, projects, graduate, and Ph.D. studies.

The statement of cooperation was signed when the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds Professor Hai-Sui Yu visited India.

Furthermore, foreign universities are to be granted full autonomy as part of the changes being drafted in the education system by the Government of India.