2300 international students from Singapore recalled ASAP

Singapore is calling to its international students to fly back to the country as soon as possible.

Singaporean international students are urged to return home

Cases of COVID-19 worldwide, especially in areas where international students often go to study are getting overwhelmed with positive patients daily. The outbreak overseas causes an alarm for the Singapore government, who already have slowly controlled the epidemic in their country.

Education officials, on the other hand, want to recall as urgent as possible remaining international students left overseas. The Foreign Affairs Ministry already issued a call back for students under government scholarships overseas, since last March 15. Now, they are extending a helping hand for those remaining students overseas that are having issues flying back to Singapore.

According to the Ministry of Education, they have already kept in touch with various education institutions overseas and mentioned the government’s assistance for the students return to Singapore.

For those who need financial support to gete back to Singapore, please inform your school administrators so they can contact us for the needed arrangments.

Safety of the students is the top priority

The decision of the Ministry of Education and the Institutes of Higher Learning to call back international students is based on the situation of universities and colleges worldwide. In areas like the United States and the United Kingdom, where most of Singaporeans go to study, their educational institutions were already closed, and classes were suspended.

Students studying abroad are forced to stay at their school dormitories as some areas also impose strict lockdowns. Some universities offer online learning classes to their students, so they can still continue learning while at home.

Since online learning can also be accessed here in Singapore, the government is now asking the students to take their classes to Singapore, where they can rest assured of their safety and security.

Foreign Affairs in Singapore is closely monitoring the updates of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. As far as they are concerned, the situation is yet to subside and controlled, and there is still no timeline for this outbreak. Returning school staff and students will undergo the compulsory 14-day quarantine period.


Featured image by TODAY Singapore