Italians warning to the outside world about coronavirus

Italians are now speaking and sending warnings to other countries on how coronavirus can be if left unaddressed. Italy is the most affected European country and its citizens are now offering crucial advice that might help other countries take a better approach than they did.

Italy has been hit hard by the coronavirus, with over 2,500 already dead and more than 30,000 infected with the disease. This has led to the entire country being placed on lockdown as the government takes measures on how to contain the virus. Life in self-isolation is becoming the norm and they are adapting to their new realities.

Italians message on coronavirus pandemic

However, they have learned about the hard lesson and they are now speaking out and sharing with the outside world about their situation. They are also advising other countries and sending a warning that they might soon be in the same position the Italians are in.

In a video done by the Atlantic, Italians sent a powerful message to their self, ten days before the recording. They advised their former selves on what to expect and how the crisis will impact their choices.

“ I am you in 10 days who has lived through the crisis you are underestimating”
“Please don’t.”


One user is heard pleading with their former selves of 10 days before the video. The video takes a dramatic turn when the Italians start warning their former selves on things they are not doing right to address the coronavirus outbreak.

Message from the Italians

One user sends a clear message to her former self and tells her not to ignore buying face masks. She laughs as she remembers how ten days ago, she did not take anything about coronavirus seriously. She remembers laughing at people who were wearing these facemasks. She ends up telling her former self that this will now become her reality and she should take care of herself.

In another video, a man is seen sending a chilling update on the current situation in Italy. The user describes how Italy has been changed by the crisis, the country’s lockdown and how Italy’s resources have been overrun by people seeking help after coronavirus. He goes on to warn his former self not to ignore calls for self-isolation because it may save their lives.

coronavirus pandemic around the world

The Italian cases are a clear indication of where other countries affected by the virus are heading. The US, for instance, is estimated to be behind Italy by ten days in the number of cases and responses. The video foretells what the situation will be in the US and UK if the coronavirus menace is not addressed timely. It also sends a powerful message of how life can change in just a few days.


Featured image by Pixabay