Japan needs English language teachers

The 2020 Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program has announced the beginning of the application process for Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) in Japan. English language teachers are highly sought after in the country, and the JET Programme in collaboration with Japan’s Embassy in the Philippines is one of the main outlets for new teacher hires.

In order to become an English language teacher though JET you need to:

  • Have impeccable English language skills – both written and spoken
  • Have a bachelor’s or higher degree in education
  • Be mentally and physically healthy

The end of the application process to become an English language teacher part of the JET program is on 29 November. All necessary documents should be submitted before this date, including relevant diplomas and work experience.

JET program for English language teachers

The JET program for English language teachers was first introduced to Japan in 1987 as part of mutual efforts to better the political and diplomatic relationship between Japan and participating countries, including the Philippines.

Since its introduction, the program has attracted thousands of young teachers. During the application process in 2018, more than five thousand and seven hundred (5,761) from fifty-seven (57) different countries filed their documents.

Japan is no the only country benefiting from the impressively developed exchange programs coming from the Philippines. Recently, a Filipino educator became the English language teacher of more than forty (40) representatives of the Cambodian Senate.

English for professional development

Nowadays, English has become the ultimate business language, and enough proficiency is necessary in order to be a competitive businessman or even an employee.

One of the main goals of the JET program is to prepare more young Japanese students with a skillset in English, which will help them become global citizens. Not only that, but English language teachers help their students understand other cultures as well. It is a common practice for teachers to teach English through informative cultural lessons.