Japanese firms lure IT talents with top incentives

Several Japanese companies have created reward systems and bonuses to attract the most highly-skilled, young IT talents.

Several of the biggest names in technology and digital services, like Sony and Fujitsu, have worked out payment schemes, which will highlight the importance of these talented IT (Information Technology) specialists.

Sony has announced that the monthly remuneration of all new hires will be raised by twenty percent (20%), while Fujitsu has guaranteed that employees can receive bigger salaries regardless of their age.  

These efforts on the part of big Japanese tech companies are necessary, as giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, are attracting all the skilled and innovative thinkers in the IT sector. 

Snatch IT talent straight from university

One of the main goals of these companies is to attract young and innovative thinkers, who are just graduating from university. Universities are the best incubators for IT talent, and companies know that, which is why they are focusing their efforts there. 

Fujitsu is also looking to improve its hiring policy when it comes to university graduates. Until now, the company was only hiring in bulk once a year, however, it will now be looking for suitable candidates all year long. 

Japanese higher education is becoming increasingly popular, and not only for locals but for international students as well. This means that tech companies like Sony and Fujitsu have the opportunity to scout local universities and find the best IT specialists in the country. 

As the tech industry is continuously growing, the demand for IT talent, specifically artificial intelligence specialists, is rising. Sony and Fujitsu are actively thinking of ways to become more competitive in the hiring market, as they need specialists to further their development.