Job offers for 2021 graduate expected to drop by 15.1%

Due to COVID-19, a 15.1 percent drop is expected on job offers for 2021 graduates

Job offers for 2021 graduates

According to Japan’s Recruit Holdings Corporation, a 15.1 percent drop on job offers for 2021 graduates is to be expected as an end result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For 2021, the expected job offers will be around 580,000, less than 103,000 from the year 2020s job offered.

The service and information sector is expected to suffer the most with an expected drop of 21 percent. While distribution and manufacturing will drop by around 17 percent. The survey was participated by various companies with at least five employees and some major corporations in Japan such as Japan Airlines Inc. and ANA Holding Inc.

According to the agency who conducted the survey, there was a significant decrease in interest from companies to hire new candidates from pre-COVID in April and from the most recent survey in June.

But despite the drop in the availability of job offers for 2021 graduates, Recruit Holdings’ analysts believe that the demand is still relatively high compared to other years where Japan faced a financial crisis.

COVID-19 in Japan

A significant increase in COVID-19 cases has been spotted in Japan for the past two weeks. The rise of cases concerns the citizens of Japan, despite the strict regulation concerning sanitation and social distancing in the country.

However, the mortality rate in Japan is relatively low compared to the number of reported new cases in the country. It is still safe to say that Japan is able to handle the COVID-19 situation.

Japanese are still waiting for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s guidelines on the recent rise of COVID-19 cases and what are his plans to resume Japan’s economy.