The Virtue of Julius Malema: Free private school education for the poor children of South Africa

Julius Malema laid out his plans on free private school education for the poorest of the poor in South Africa.

A virtue by Julias Malema

The third-largest party in South Africa’s parliament, the Economic Freedom Fighters, is founded and headed by former African National Congress Youth League President, Julius Malema. Malema had this vision that equality starts with quality education.

On December 21 of last year, Julius Malema first revealed his plan on coming up with a private school facility that will be maintained by the EFF party. Whereas, the students who will be accepted into this private facility will be those were coming from the poorest of the poor black people in society.

Admission to the planned EFF private school will prioritize those who fall under the category of orphans, victims of domestic violence, the marginalized, and, most importantly, those who are still under racist discrimination.

Free private school education

Malema believes that freedom comes in with quality and free education. He wants a school that will provide world-class decolonized education for those who are undermined by society and left in the dark.

The school will be named after the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, a known South African politician who was a big influence in opposing the Apartheid in the country. She was also the second wife of a much popular name in history, Nelson Mandela.

The vision of Julius Malema is to come up with a school that teaches decolonized education, a type of education that rules out racism, which is very prevalent ever since in the history of Africa. He wants to give the poor who has the talent and wits to excel and be future leaders that will share the same cause as they do.

Five years from now, the private school under the supervision of the EFF will arise. It will be a glimmer of hope for those from the marginalized sector who seek education to bore out of poverty.