June 1 reopening of schools might be scraped as teachers and city councils continuously oppose

The UK government is being pressured to scrape out plans of an early reopening of schools by June 1.

Reopening of schools might be moved

Teachers unions and city councils in the UK aren’t convinced that June 1 is an ideal time in the reopening of schools amid the threat of the COVID-19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now considering to scrape out the government’s initial plan in the early reopening of schools. According to Johnson’s spokesperson, the government is open ears in hearing out safety concerns from the local government and school front-liners.

The government wants to clarify that the plan for the early reopening will basically run in a phases method. Students will gradually return to school, with Grades 1 and 6, to be the first to return. This proposal is also backed by the World Health Organization, wishing students don’t miss out too much from school.

Only five percent of teachers think it’s safe

The NASUWT Teachers Union with more than 28,000 members all across England has conducted a survey if the teachers think it is already safe to reopen schools as early as June 1. The results came out with at least 90 percent disagreeing with the early reopening of schools.

The teachers are also requesting for Personal Protective Equipments to be handed out to teachers and school staff if the early reopening pushes through.

Most of the teachers are really concerned with lower grade levels, where it will be hard to monitor and restrict students, especially those from Grades 1 and 2, which are still playful in nature.

Teachers Unions are also concerned if school administrators have already prepared for the sanitary measures needed when schools reopen earlier. The group of school administrators is supportive of the government’s plan of reopening the schools in June. Still, the question here is, “how prepared are they as an institution to abide with all the safety and sanitary measures with regards to COVID-19?

The Teachers Unions and city councils do understand putting students back to school is essential for their education continuity, but it should be fairly balanced with the risks of acquiring the virus from unprecedented possibilities.