Justin Trudeau hits the hot seat: Canada’s electoral debate

Incumbent Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a severe backlash from Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer from last night’s only English-language debate. The debate is one way of letting the voters decide which candidate to vote this coming October 21 elections.

Trudeau vs Scheer

The upcoming October 21 election is a Trudeau vs Scheer show. Nothing against the other candidates but these two seem to be the most sought after rivalry this coming election day.

The debate was quite intense with Trudeau being in the hot seat. As the incumbent Prime Minister, every action he made during this seating has been subjected to scrutiny by his critics. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer didn’t mince his choice of words for Mr. Trudeau when he called the Prime Minister as “a phony and a fraud”.

No holds barred. Mr. Scheer constantly went against his strongest rival right from the start of his turn. From the SNC-Lavalin hydroelectric scandal up to the recurring blackface issue against Prime Minister, Scheer torched him all over.

Mr. Trudueau pretends to be for Canada. He is very good at pretending. He can’t even remember how many times he puts on blackface, or in fact, he was always wearing a mask.

You are a phony and a fraud. You do not deserve to govern this country

Scheer accused Trudeau of face masking on indigenous issues, feminism, and concern for the middle-class Canadians. He also made an emphasis on the SNC-Lavalin scandal involving the current administration but unfortunately, the attack backfired.

Trudeau had a hard time to fire back at Scheer due to the debate format involving six candidates. But when his turn came, he made it count by defending his action and throwing back the mud to Scheer.

On the SNC-Lavalin issue, I took into consideration my role as the Prime Minister, I have to stand up for the Canadians, I have to stand for the interest of the public, and I would do the best of my power to fulfill my duties.

It wasn’t just a get-out-of-jail-free pass. The company paid a hefty fine and at the same save the employment of many Canadian employees. It was a choice to make for the greater good of the public, and it isn’t against the law.

The Prime Minister then fired back against Scheer about his involvement in giving high tax cuts to the wealthy Canadians and his association with the Ontario Premier Doug Ford. The Conservative party has been very cautious in separating Scheer’s name with the Ontario premier. The liberal party constantly reminds Canadians that the premier opposes and interferes with liberal policies that reduce child poverty and federal benefits, appointing Scheer will just make matters worse.

The heated exchange between the Trudeau and Scheer party is expected to continue for the next debate on Thursday which will be in the French language.