K-12 curriculum focuses on digital literacy

According to a recent government announcement, the Philipines K-12 curriculum will become more focused on digital literacy. 

The transition towards better digital education will be facilitated by the newly adopted Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP). DTP was developed by telecommunications giant Globe, which has a company goal to help boost education in online behavior and overall create a safe and enjoyable online environment. 

Digital literacy and safety online

While the Internet has become a necessity in education, the Department of Education and Globe are both aware that the online environment can be very hostile and harmful for young minds. 

In order to battle and diminish the risks online environments present to school children, Globe developed DTP. The system functions in such a way that it both teaches children digital literacy, and analyzes the online world and the way it functions. 

DTP system

The DTP system is divided into four essential features and functions, which combined provide the effectiveness of online environment monitoring.

Digital Insight

The digital insight function of the system is aimed at helping students differentiate between proper online behavior and malicious practices or harmful behavior.

Digital Impact

With digital impact, students are introduced to the way the Internet and online presence affects their social presence and activities.

Digital Ambition

This side of the DTP project is focused on helping children realize their ambitions for the future with the help of digital tools and online-based materials. 

Digital Discernment

With digital discernment, students will learn how to analyze online sources and detect fake information or false statements online.

Why is digital literacy important?

In a global world where the Internet and online learning is becoming more popular, it is essential for students to be able to browse and learn safely.

Not only that but digital literacy classes will help students in their further success, both educational and professional. Nowadays, there is no escaping the necessity of digital skillfulness, and the introduction of the DTP is a sure way to improve the digital literacy of students in the Philipines.