Kenyan government introduces extraordinary joint sector review for education

The Kenyan government and educational partners across the country have agreed to conduct a first of its kind joint sector review, which will aim to evaluate how successful the implementation of regulations and policies is across the system.

According to the government, this is one of the most effective ways to receive constructive feedback on the problems the educational system is facing in terms of regulation and policymaking.  

Some of the main areas the sector review will focus on include the quality of education students receive and the accessibility to education children all over the country have. The government will also be looking to evaluate to what extent the investments form the state and from private entities in the education system succeed in bettering the school environment. 

Kenyan government and special education

In recent weeks, government representatives have made several announcements which brought good news to children with special learning needs and their families. One of the most significant victories for special education was the autism motion which successfully passed in the Garissa county.

This was a significant step forward for the government and its recognition of children with special learning needs. According to the latest government press releases, the new joint sector review will make sure to focus on evaluating the inclusiveness of the educational system, with particular attention towards special education. 

Another important goal for the joint sector review will be to determine the areas which need improvement for the Kenyan government to reach the goals of the UN Sustainable Development program, which will end in 2030.