KGV students petitioned against teachers with frequent racist and sexist remarks

More than 1000 KGV students signed a petition against some of their teachers over racist remarks and inappropriate behavior.

A petition by KGV students

King George V School is the biggest name when it comes to international schooling in Hong Kong. But, just recently, an online petition from KGV students is circulating containing the students protest against teachers exhibiting racist remarks and inappropriate sexual gestures to girl students.

The online petition has already passed the 1000 mark. Students are asking the school administration to look into their concerns and penalize the involved parties.

As stated in the letter, there are complaints from students about racial slur and making fun of Asian names by some of the teachers. In another part of the letter, there were also complaints from female students of inappropriate sexual behavior by male teachers towards them.

The open letter was forwarded to the school administrators at Ho Man Tin branch of KGV and the English Schools Foundation. The ESF proposed a meeting with the students to properly address the complaints, gather sufficient evidence, and to roll out sanctions against the teachers involved.

Inappropriate sexual behavior

One of the more controversial contents of the letter was the inappropriate gestures exhibited by some male teachers to female KGV students.

The school has a dress code for female students, knees should be above the ankle and skorts (skirt+short) should not be less than 10cm above the knee.

Some male teachers purposely check female students’ uniforms, specifically their skorts if the length is as directed. In some instances, they do touch the student’s legs as if measuring the length using their hands. This has caused extreme discomfort in a lot of female students.

In addition, female students are being teased to not wear too high socks as they will look like Japanese students found in animes.

The ESF has assured the public that it will address the concern accordingly and call upon the involved parties to assess the validity of the complaint.