Knowledge in climate emergency: Demand from young kids in the UK

Young kids in the UK wants to be more involved in issues such as climate emergency and ecological crisis.

The younger generation wants to be more involved

The audience of interest in today’s climate emergency issues is getting younger, and it’s a good thing!

Just last year, Greta Thunderberg, at age 16, took the stage at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit and delivered a speech in front of world leaders about climate emergency. The incident made her a famous representation of young activists fighting for a greener environment. She was even featured as the cover of Time Magazine in May 2019.

Like Greta, Joe Brindle, age 17, is also scared of the current events that connect into a climate crisis. He believes that there is an unspoken moral injustice that puts vulnerable people left out to suffer from the unprecedented actions of the rich and powerful.

As Brindle is preparing for his A-level qualification, he is also on top of a campaign group focused on climate emergency issues. He called it, Teach the Future.

The group just recently laid their hands on the latest revision of their legislation proposal, “The climate emergency education bill.” It was drafted by a professional parliamentary writer, and crowdfunding paid for the services rendered.

Climate emergency education bill

The bill drafted by Brindle’s group, Teach the Future, will be presented on February 26 in parliament. Another young talent, Nadia Whittome, will sponsor the bill, the youngest Member of the Parliament elected at age 23.

Teach the Future is geared towards campaigning for sustainable education. It calls on the government to put in changes in the education system that will include imparting knowledge about climate change and its impact on the world.

Other projects that the group wished to propose include:

  • Construction of new state-funded educational institutions must have a zero-carbon footprint
  • A balanced to net-zero emission from the entire education sector
  • An existing fund to help young innovators in developing projects that will help in the climate emergency problem.



Featured image by TheSouthernTimes