Lancaster schools go innovative with teaching

The evaluation carried out on Lancaster schools has shown a similar trend as that of 2018. Nevertheless, teachers in Lancaster schools are trying out innovative techniques so that they can suit students’ needs. 

The report card released about Lancaster schools by the Ohio Department of Education depicted an overall performance of C. Notably, lower schools were noted in at-risk students between kindergarten and third grade.

Steve Wigton, an education superintendent, asserted that the report cards should be utilized as a crucial tool needed in instigating considerable changes in Lancaster schools.

Lancaster schools’ at-risk students

Lancaster City schools showed poor performance in propelling the skills of at-risk K-3 learners category. This group is rated based on the way students were nurtured in the realization of the necessitated proficiency levels. 

Teachers have, however, acknowledged this deficit. As a result, they are trying out innovative teaching methods such as LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling).

LETRS is a professional development strategy and tool for educators. Teachers from some Lancaster schools, such as Tallmadge and Medill, successfully completed this course.

Through the LETRS program, teachers have been equipped with new methods needed in reinforcing language and reading arts skills. Previously, students were assigned with vocabulary words but were not subjected to any spelling tests as the week ended

This approach was not maximally beneficial as students were only required to memorize the words assigned. LETRS is, however, comprehensive and this will be instrumental in enabling students to optimize their skills. 

Lancaster schools’ new assessment approach

Lancaster schools are also using a different assessment strategy. Notably, assessments are being formulated at the start of the year, and this is proving to be helpful to the teachers as they are availed with a precise road map. 

On the other hand, we are in an era of information technology that continues to evolve; with the advancements we have, we can incorporate technology into our daily tasks to provide more efficient outputs. 

In the education system, there is an experimental breakthrough that involves gaming concept, AI technology, and automation into the K-12 assessment program.