LGBT equality lessons spark protests

The introduction of LGBT equality lessons at a Birmingham school instigated protests, whereby parents were involved. The issue at hand has involved refuting the idea of young children being taught LGBT rights as this is deemed inappropriate.

This has been the norm since April at Birmingham’s Anderton Park Primary School as regular protests have been witnessed

LGBT equality lessons meant for inclusivity

According to Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, Anderton School’s headteacher, the incorporation of LGBT equality lessons into the curriculum is intended at triggering inclusivity.

 As a result, the learning institution has remained unmoved by the protests because the objective of equality is projected to prevail.

Clarkson also noted that equality is a crucial strength in the school because children talk about it always. 

She was, therefore, of the idea that the protests against the introduction of LGBT equality lessons were ill-motivated as they hindered the primary goal. 

Anderton Park Primary School is not the only institution that has been experiencing intense aggression against LGBT equality lessons because the Parkfield Community School was forced to suspend a similar program. 

Expressly, it did away with its No Outsiders Equality Programmes after angry protests were observed. The intention was to encourage children to be receptive to relationship differences. 

British government weighs in on the LGBT equality lessons issue

Following protests about LGBT equality lessons, the British government has advised local authorities that enforcement actions could be considered if students got withdrawn from school if parents were not contented with what was being taught. 

This information was revealed in a 21-page document that asked teachers to make consideration of collaborating with police if the protesters were contravening the law. 

Nevertheless, some teachers have aired their concerns that despite this development, they have received minimal support when tackling the sensitive issue about LGBT equality lessons. 

The embracing of LGBT values in learning institutions has been receiving mixed reactions. For example, following the introduction of Anti-LGBTQ core values by CRISTA Ministries, the new overseer of Washington’s King’s High School, more than two (2) students and five (5) teachers have quit. 

On the other hand, in 2018, the University of Sheffield made a bold move of establishing solitary LGBT accommodation flats, and they are continuously being accepted.