Lockdown orders issued by 3 US biggest cities amidst 21,000 Covid-19 cases

The lockdown orders now include the three biggest cities in America — New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago — as well as No. 8 San Diego and No. 14 San Francisco.

President Trump officially declared New York state as a disaster area, freeing up money to help combat the coronavirus in the area with the most infected people. New York, with over 10,000 confirmed cases, has more cases of the virus than any other state — with more than 5,600 in New York City alone.

The Governor reiterated that the drastic measures week enforced to control the fast-spreading of the virus resulting in the largest lockdown seen so far in the United States. Cuomo advised the citizens that life has changed and is no longer as usual and residents should realize and accept the lockdown orders.

The New York leader confirms the hospitalization of 1,200 people since the first case was reported with measures to avoid overwhelming the hospitals.

A report from Johns Hopkins University puts the New York State death cases to 46. The lockdown has been praised by public system health officials. The City’s Commissioner of Health reiterated that people of all age brackets should stay indoors as the virus outbreak is real and no one is invincible.

New York lockdown order cancellation of nonessential gatherings

The lockdown orders outline the cancellation of nonessential gathering parties and celebrations. People can go out and also contribute in non-contact activities but not play sports. The bans also prohibit parents and guardians from taking children to play dates if proper space from other people is not available.

Moreover, people will need to maintain 1.8 meters away from each other when outside. 

Governor Cuomo says that there is a season for everything with the undergoing season about laying low to avoid spreading the virus. Wheeler, a 49-year-old man who operates an art center says that he is aware of people who are down with the virus. He says the situation makes him keep his hands in the pocket to make sure he is not contacting the virus or passing it around.

Only essential businesses will be spared by the lockdown orders

Cuomo says with the lockdown orders, only essential businesses will be able to travel to their offices with anyone else going against the restrictions facing mandatory fines as the provisions are enforced. The city’s mayor also added that police will be reminding residents and providing civic education with efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Cuomo said that starting Sunday, all workers in nonessential businesses must stay home as much as possible, and gatherings of any size will be banned in the state of over 19 million people. California likewise all but confined its 40 million residents on Friday, and Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced a similar order set to take effect on Saturday for the state’s 12.6 million people. The governor of Connecticut, New York’s neighboring state, said he also was poised to issue a comparable directive.

Meanwhile, a bill co-authored by City Council Members Ben Kallos (D—Manhattan) and Justin Brannan (D—Brooklyn), and supported by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, urges the Education Department to make the testing opt-out rather than opt-in, and extend after-school test preparation to every eighth-grader planning to take the exam.

Together with this, an online education system must be laid out in the eventual prolonged closure of schools in coronavirus-stricken cities.