Lockdown in Italy and UK: Evolving differently to curb Covid-19

In the wake of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the latest move is holding citizens’ movements to a standstill in lockdown. Different countries have taken up mitigation strategies to curb its spread and we see different approaches.

Different nations facing different lockdown measures

Approximately one-third of the global population has had its movement restricted in total and partial lockdown in the efforts to contain the contagious virus. However, the term lockdown has been perceived differently in different parts of the world with steer clear experiences.

In the UK, people are coming into terms into what a British newspaper wrote as the end of freedom, with clear guidelines to stay at home for people and no crowding whatsoever. Hotels, night clubs, and schools have been closed down with only essential movements like shopping for food and hospital trips remaining.

In Italy, citizens are being scrutinized and slapped with jailing sentences when found roaming for no particular reason. The most affected region in Italy, Lombardy, walking dogs has been restricted ta a maximum of hundred meters from their homes.

Technology in use to enforce lockdown in Italy

People’s movements are monitored by the use of drones with the only sounds in the streets emanating from megaphones issuing instructions to remain indoors and ambulance sirens. Local mayors have gone viral for threatening to attack parties using flamethrowers. Italy has recorded a decline in the number of new infections with a glimmer of hope that eventually the strategy will work out.

Matteo Ferrari, a doctor in Milan is optimistic that the stringent measures imposed on citizens will be vital in managing the spread of the virus.

Matteo reiterates that people will only understand the gravity of the matter once their own relatives or friends had been exposed to the virus. Matteo is a doctor at Milan’s Humanitas Hospital where recently a doctor was infected with the contagious virus and is in self-isolation. The hospital immediately halted operations on minor cases to create room for an additional 30 intensive care units for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Matteo reiterates that social distancing is very important and citizens need to take it seriously with enforcement from the government. Italy has faced criticism over its approach and Dr. Matteo warns that rather than criticism, other nations should be learning from Italy.

In as much as the UK has not imposed total lockdown like Spain, France, and Italy, the country has deserted streets, with the government set to impose even tougher measures that are subject to all citizens with the hope of eradicating the virus from its soil.