Low-cost college education: A partnership between Dunkin’ and SNHU

Global brand Dunkin’ partners with SNHU to provide a low-cost college education program for its interested employees.

Mass hiring expected from Dunkin’

Dunkin’, a globally known brand, especially for its franchise Dunkin’ Donutsis looking forward to hiring at least 25,000 employees as lockdown restrictions in the US and the UK are starting to ease out. After months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US and the UK will start allowing businesses to operate under monitored precautions.

A Massachusetts branch of Dunkin’ with at least 8,500 stores in 41 states will be needing additional workforce to man cashiers, lobby services, and managerial tasks.

The company admits that the road to recovery from the pandemic is far from reality, but, starting small is better than not starting at all. Being an advocate of diversity hiring, the company is looking forward to helping those affected by the crisis financially by offering jobs.

Low-cost college education in SNHU

During the pandemic in the UK, part-time working students were greatly affected, some even went to the extent of stopping school due to financial incapacity.

Good news from Dunkin’, a partnership that has been established with South New Hampshire University to provide interested student employees a grant to take any low-cost college education from the university.

SNHU is known for its competitive degree programs that are in demand in today’s market. Besides, employees will not have a problem dealing with university schedules since Dunkin’ offers flexible work schedules to its employees with valid reasons.

This is a big opportunity for career growth while earning enough to provide food and other basic needs. This just shows how Dunkin’ is dedicated to looking after the welfare of its employees while providing added quality services to its customers.

The education assistance program is only applicable to SNHU’s online low-cost college education programs.