Manila Bay Rehabilitation funds: A much needed funding by the DepEd

If given the privilege, the P389 million Manila Bay Rehabilitation funds could help produce more learning modules and gadgets for online learning, according to Briones.

Manila Bay Rehabilitation

The Manila Bay Rehabilitation and Beautification project has been swarmed with critics coming from different sectors for it being untimely especially during a pandemic. The project was intended to rehabilitate the Manila Bay to make it more clean, attractive, and boost tourism. However, many critics believe that the funding intended for the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Project could have gone a long way if directed into other government agencies.

One of which agencies that are in dire need for funding right now is the Department of Education. In a candid interview, DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones was asked about her opinion regarding the budget intended for the Manila Bay Rehabilitation, and if it is her department that will be receiving that funding, where would it possibly go to?

It is the government who decides which agencies receive funding and how much. But, if that P389 million goes to DepEd, it will be used to fund the printing of online modules which we are in need of right now, as well as additional gadgets for our teachers who will be conducting online classes.

COVID-19 response

The Department of Health also had something to say about the issue. During a pandemic where medical supplies and laborforce are very scarce, the department hopes that all unnecessary funding shall be redirected into the COVID-19 response budget. The fight against COVID-19 is indefinite as of now, who knows when it will last, setting aside the budget for the much-needed agencies should be the focus for now.

The DOH also added that the crushed dolomite poured on the shores of Manila Bay might create a hazardous respiratory issue for the people residing near the area. With the COVID-19 attacking mainly on people’s respiratory system, it isn’t a good idea to push through with the dumping of the said sand.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources pointed out that the budget for the rehabilitation was requested before the pandemic happened.