New matchmaking for education professionals app overturns career setbacks due to COVID 19

Tom Rogers, a UK (United Kingdom) History teacher, has put to good use the imposed holidays by creating the matchmaking app Edudate. The surprises in finding life partners for teaching professionals on this app could very well overturn career setbacks due to COVID 19.

New matchmaking for education professionals app can help teachers, creator affirms

According to Rogers, finding love as a school teacher came with some challenges, and what great match would a teacher find if not another teacher. Tom said,

We have so many teachers that are single at the moment, and with the holiday, it has driven some crazy, and I think they should have someone their mate to talk to asides children.

Currently, Edudate has over 1,400 signups with Tom, noting that the only condition they must satisfy upon registration is working in the teaching line. Tom also says working in the teaching line doesn’t mean they have to teach in a classroom, and he says they have to have at least a job in education, either administration or any other post.

Kate says she has a good feeling about the app

There is Kate, who has on four different previous occasions had different matchmaking for education professionals’ sessions. She reaffirms that the previous disappointments won’t stop her. Furthermore, she says she has a good feeling about this matchmaking for the education professionals app, and she hopes to meet the man of her dreams.

With the current condition of the world necessitating social distancing, she says, trying out this old fashioned way of meeting people was fun. Kate said,

There was one time I met up with this guy as a date, we went to a bar, and he put like four shot glasses on the bar table and said I had to pick one. I eventually picked the one that contained vodka, and interestingly, the others were filled with water.

She noted that things took a turn for good as they had a friendly chat, and it was the ideal tension breaker. Well, everything stated above is still a game of chance, but ideally, Kate is set to participate in a dating event for teaching professionals.

Finally, Tom says that since only education professionals can mainly understand how each other feels, the matchmaking for educational professionals app would suit them well.