Mathematics and sciences to be taught in English, says Malaysian PM

Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who doubles as the acting Education Minister, has announced that English will once again be used to teach Mathematics and Science.

He made this statement while speaking during a special meeting with Education Ministry management officials at the government house Putrajaya.

The acting minister said this initiative is in line with the government’s intention to promote the use of the English language in the country’s education system, particularly in Mathematics and Science.

According to him, embracing the language would allow for a better mastery of English, which would invariably lead to the development of the education system.

Dr. Mahathir said:

It is essential that we must give time for English, particularly in the learning of mathematics and Science. Geography and History can come in any language, but Mathematics and Science are not indigenous fields of knowledge (to Malaysians). Most of it comes to us in English. Therefore we have to use English in the teaching of Mathematics and Science.

He added that this was necessitated by the fact that those who studied Science later found it difficult to function where the English language was required.

Introduction of Mathematics and Science

The teaching of Mathematics and Science in English (PPSMI) was previously introduced during the 2003 school session to all students of Year One in primary schools and Form One of the secondary levels.

PPSMI was fully implemented to all secondary school students in 2007 and primary school students in 2008 before it was abolished in 2013.

In his address, Dr. Mahathir also said the country and its people wanted to see reforms in education policy.

According to him, he noticed specific weaknesses that needed to be corrected, and this created the need for further enhancement of the education section.

Dr. Mahathir added that although his view might not always acceptable to many people, it is aimed to enact certain things that would make sure the country’s children grow up and able to tackle problems in their adult life.

Mahathir education reform

The Prime Minister took charge of the education ministry after the previous minister resigned.  He said he is working towards improvements that people will be happy to see in the country’s education system.

Dr. Mahathir noted structures are being put in place towards the development of the country, despite facing a few setbacks. He added that much of the development of this country is based on good working relationships between different races.

Urging the citizens to be peaceful, he advised that if the county is not stable, development cannot be recorded.