Math and natural science scores dip, survey of 45k German students

Math and natural science scores are low among German students. The downward trend in the subjects started just after 2012 and are more prominent in the eastern states.

A survey of about 45,000 pupils between 14-15 years revealed the low performance of German students in math and natural science.
The study conducted by the Institute for Quality Development in Education (IQB) noted that the overall scores were stable in 2018 despite the downward trend.

One thousand, four hundred and sixty schools participated in the study, and more schools in the eastern part of the country were affected.

However, students in the states of Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, and Rhineland-Palatinate performed worse than other parts of the country.

Math and natural science performance

The Quality Development in Education reported that in 2018, the minimum pass level for math was not achieved by one in every four of ninth-grade students.

Nevertheless, 45% of students who took the Middle School Leaving Certificate (MSA) made a higher regulatory standard.

In general, 25% of students performed severely in math. About 5 – 17 percent of students didn’t reach the lowest standard for natural science subjects: biology, chemistry, and physics.

The Quality Development in Education study also pointed out that the eastern states with Bavaria in the south recorded higher numbers of students who scored high in math and natural science.

Typically, German children are 15 years at the end of ninth-grade if they don’t lose a year at some stage in the academics.

In hindsight…

The world everywhere is preoccupied with academic scores. Did anybody ever ask about EQ scores?