Mental health issues of 1M NEET respondents show effects of social isolation

A recent survey shows a certain percentage of Canadian youth experience physical and mental health issues from lack of social involvement. Respondents of the study are Canadian youth belonging to the “not in employment, education or training” (NEET) category.

If calculated based on Canada’s current population, the number of young people classified as NEET will be around one million respondents.

Issues about physical and mental health

In Ottawa Canada, a recent study on Canadian youths shows physical and mental health issues in relation to being unemployed and out of school.

The Statistics Canada survey showed that 11.1 percent of Canadians aged 18 to 29 exhibits signs of being socially distant and economically challenged.

In cases of poor mental health conditions, victims usually came across thoughts of suicide and depression.

13 percent of Canadian youth belong to the NEET category, the concern regarding this youth sector has grown due to signs of long-term economic and social indifferences among those who fall under this class.

The results from this study aims to provide substantial data to analyze and determine the ways on how to help youth belonging to the NEET category.

1 million respondents show quite an unhealthy outlook in life especially considering that a decent proportion of them experience isolation and lack of direction in life.

The study divided NEET respondents into three sub-categories. 38 percent were under the looking for work category, around 28 percent said they are nursing and taking care of their children, while an others group represents 35 percent of the group. The Other group category is composed of volunteer workers, stay at home, with long term illness, and or disabled.

The survey among NEET respondents showed the following results:

  • Mental health issues
    • 14 percent reported experiencing poor mental health
    • 24 percent reported experiencing serious suicidal tendencies
    • 33 percent reported experiencing social deprivation and separation from society
  • Physical aspect
    • 56 percent reported experiencing a good physical condition
    • 39 percent reportedly  completed secondary education
    • 40 percent reportedly belong to the lowest household income bracket

In general, youth under NEET are proven to be more problematic and unsatisfied with life as compared to non-NEET respondents.

Canada has already added 54 thousand job opportunities last September and is expected to increase in the months to come. It will gradually help lessen those under NEET and hopefully those experiencing social and economic displacement due to unemployment.