Education Minister says India invests in job seeker economy

Manish Sisodia, Delhi’s Education Minister, recently announced that the country is aiming to remain a job seeker economy. In a press conference this Friday, Mr. Sisodia announced a new government program called “Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum.” 

The idea behind the initiative is to introduce students in the region to entrepreneurship and its underlying principles so that they can be better prepared for the shift between education and the labor market.

The specialized curriculum has already entered all Delhi schools, and students between ninth and twelfth grade get to participate. During a meeting with more than two hundred entrepreneurs and business representatives from the region, Mr. Sisodia emphasized that the labor market and the educational system should work together to help students prepare better for life after they finish school. 

Job seeker economy and vocational education

One of the most critical factors for the development of India’s job seeker economy is the improvement of vocational education in the country. Many countries around the world are looking into ways to boost vocational training. Some examples include Germany and China, who recently signed a joint program to promote exchange opportunities for students looking for vocational education

According to Mr. Sisodia, reforming the education policies in the country will help India achieve better GDP. Currently, India is ranked at seventh place in the world in terms of gross domestic product; however, just a few years ago, the country was holding the fifth position. 

The “Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum” is a great way to boost students’ awareness of their opportunities once high school is over. Not only that, but children will also develop a passion for business as a result of this initiative, which will boost India’s economy in the future.