Modular learning support supported by 42 percent of parents in the Philippines

Modular learning has become the preferred mode of learning for parents according to a new survey. Blended forms of learning and online classes also had a significant number of supporters as schools look to reopen on August 24th.

Safe school reopening in the Philippines has become a hotly debated topic in the last few weeks, with President Duterte indicating that schools will not resume face to face classes until January when he anticipates a vaccine will be found.

With August 24th, the official date the schools are supposed to reopen, fast approaching, parents are divided on which method of learning schools should use to ensure that every student is able to access classes. Parents have been left with choices such as exclusively choosing modular learning, or they can also choose online learning. There is also a third option which involves the blending of both online and modular learning to optimize the number of students accessing the lessons.

Modular learning preferred by most parents

A survey conducted by the Learner Enrollment Survey Forms is offering insights into what parents really want for their children. The research data showed that over 42.5 percent of parents from both private and public schools preferred modular learning as opposed to online learning or blended system of learning. This represented more than 8.8 million parents, according to the data published by the Department of Education.

The research also showed that more than 3.9 million parents( about 18.84 percent) preferred a blended system. The data also showed that another 3.8 million (18.35 percent) were more inclined to take online classes as their preferred mode of teaching once the schools reopen.

The government is pushing hard on school reopening, with the President promising that education will be available for every student in the country. He also promised to support online and modular learning by allocating more funds to remote schools and students who may have difficulties accessing the classes online.


Featured image by Pixabay