More females are taking computing GCSE exams

According to recent statistics released by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), more females are taking computing GCSEs and information technology (IT). 

The computing exam has been enjoying a significant rise in popularity over the past several years, with an increase in the number of participants of more than seven percent (7.2%) just this year. What is more impressive, however, is the fact that more females are taking GCSEs in computing – an increase by more than fourteen percent (14%) was recorded this year.

While there is a significant increase in female test-takers, they still represent only about twenty-one percent (21.4%) of all participants in GCSEs in computing.

More females are taking computing GCSEs

The fact that more females are taking computing is not surprising, because technology is entering virtually every industry in the world. 

Technological advancements are being introduced on a daily basis, and there is a hunger for capable young computer specialists on the market.

More female students are taking up computing as interest and possible career path as they begin to realize the importance technology will have in the future. Even nowadays, more and more digital developments are entering the educational world.

Thankfully, the tech industry is welcoming enough, and female programers and computer specialists are not regarded as ones of lower skill. It is empowering that more young girls are deciding to enter this industry, and to get professional qualifications in the sphere.

According to industry specialists, the government has to make a conscious effort to attract both boys and girls to this kind of subject. Just like with science and mathematics, there are still more boys interested than girls.