3 of the most common scams out on the internet today!

Here are some of the most common scams out on the internet in which Americans still fall for nowadays.

A list of the most common scams out on the internet

Despite constant reminders on how to avoid fraud and scams out on the internet, many users still fall for them and end up being deceived. During this pandemic, most of us have resorted to online transactions and communications to live on with our daily lives. This has opened a lot of opportunities for fraudsters to victimized users who are quite new and careless to the internet world.

Here is the top 3 on the list of the most common scams out on the internet:

  • COVID-19 financial assistance – During this pandemic, the economy fell, loss of jobs, financial breakdown, and other things related to money and finances. Receiving an email claiming you are qualified for any sort of relief financial assistance is indeed very enticing. The sad part, is not only you believed it, money was also taken from you. The process is, a user will receive an email for qualifying to a COVID-19 financial assistance program, to receive the money, the individual should deposit a small amount of money as a processing fee for any legal documents mentioned by the fraudster. After the money has been sent and claimed on the other end, the assistance disappears, so as your money.
  • Pet selling scams – Someone posts a cute animal, a user contacts the seller, a few chat exchanges to convince the user to purchase, the user orders, sends the payment online, and the seller blocks you with no pet coming your way.
  • Porn content on cloud storage – The fraudster disguises as a representative from a government agency, which claims to have found illegal content inside your cloud storage. They will use an email similar to those associated with government websites to make it look legit. They will then offer services to clear out your storage from illegal contents, at a hefty price so you won’t be sued in return. Once the user obliges, it will be too late to realize that it was all part of a scam.

Always look into the details of the email addresses that randomly send you messages. Use search engines to know it those email addresses are legit, and if any of the following offers being presented does exist. It pays to be vigilant at all times.