Athena security camera: Detecting motion threats in 3 seconds

As quick as three seconds, the Athena security camera can detect and transmit threats remotely.

Security cameras with motion detection

After a gruesome school shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last 2018. Tech entrepreneur Lisa Falzone came up with a tech security company named Athena security.

The school shooting incident took 17 people’s lives and injured more or less 17 others. 

As technologists, we know we can create something from technology that can hinder another Douglas High School incident.

-Lisa Falzone

Falzone’s team at Athena focused their attention on developing a security camera that detects object and motion with security threats in as little time as possible.

Having an automated threat detecting security camera can immediately alert police and authorities for faster responses. It is more efficient and reliable.

Falzone’s success story

At age 34, Falzone has made it to the list of a lot of rising business star awardees, one of which is Forbes “30 under 30” in years 2012 and 2013.

Her most recent company before Athena was Revel Systems. Revel has around 200 active employees and a market valuation of $500 million. The company develops point-of-sales systems meant for ios operating systems.

After Revel, Falzone wanted to be a part of an impact-driven project. Along with her Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Christopher Tiabarra, they developed the modern security camera company, Athena.

A change in scenery

Falzone grew up and started her business career in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now, she has moved to Texas and brought along the Athena project there with her.

The community here is smaller but a lot friendlier.

Athena has a smaller workforce of 50 people, but they have an extension office in Europe. The company now caters to thousands of clients, both private and government entities.

The company also extends its services to places like New Zealand. It includes the Mosque in Christchurch, which was recently a victim of a mass shooting incident that killed 51 people.

Falzone was surprised by the lack of modernization in the physical security industry.

It is a good thing for us, for the business, but it is a terrible indication of how security works around the world.

The Athena system

The Athena system is installed in existing security cameras to pick up dangerous weapons and hostile actions coming from the camera’s feed.

The system can also detect minor accidents and people from a list of unwanted visitors.

The cost of having an Athena system installed in an establishment is $100 per month. Athena is proven to be more productive and accurate compared to physical cameras with human supervision.

Athena can function 24/7 with consistent accuracy, compared to human supervision, that can incur monitor fatigue and minor lapses.