15-year-old Muhammad Amir Rafiq begins PhD research in Leibniz University

15-year-old Muhammad Amir Rafiq Mohd Rafee is currently enrolled at a doctorate level (Ph.D.) in collaboration with a team at a university in Germany.

Amir Rafiq was selected by Leibniz University to pursue research in theoretical computer science, and unlike his peer, he was fortunate to begin at a doctorate level.

He stated he has always had an interest in computer science since the age of 12, which Amir Rafiq also noted that he currently finds it challenging and, at the same time, fun.

According to Amir Rafiq, he considers himself fortunate to be accepted by the university for the undergraduate researcher.

He said:

They don’t even care that I don’t have a degree yet, because what is important to them is the research I’m currently doing.

Amir Rafiq has reportedly spent two months at the university, accompanied by his father, Mohd Rafee Harith.

Rafee Harith said he began to notice his son’s talent when Amir Rafiq could read and write at the age of three.

He noted that when Amir Rafiq was two and a half years old, he was taught how to read the alphabet just once. The following day he appeared to know and remember all the letters from A to Z, his father observed.

His father further stated that Amir Rafiq knew how to troubleshoot computers when he was five. Rafee explained that raising a kid like him to cost a lot of money because he doesn’t play games like other kids, only reads books and plays with gadgets.

His mother, Azriza Abd Latif, a private company employee, admitted that her son had weaknesses in communication skills and socialising with his peers. But noted that anything technical-related was his forte.

She stated he was gifted with anything that was tech-related but lacked in the area of soft skills, like shaking hands with people, amongst many others.

Azriza Abd Latif explained that he doesn’t have many friends because his mental age is nine to ten years older than his peers.

Amir Rafiq selected by Terengganu Genius Child

Muhammad Amir Rafiq Mohd Rafee, formerly attended Kolej Genius Pintar Negara before he was met at the Terengganu Genius Child Research seminar at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu here today.

Amir Rafiq was among some 70 intelligent teenagers from Terengganu at a genius child research seminar held at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu here today.

The seminar was held purposefully to provide exposure to the brilliant students and encourage them to conduct more research and studies specifically on Terengganu.

Amir Rafiq stated he intends to take the A-Level examination and will apply to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a university in the United States next year.

He said he regarded his thinking ability as a gift from God that would benefit not only himself but also the community.

Other notable young genius

Currently, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the youngest person to obtain a college degree is Michael Kearney, who achieved the feat in June 1994 at the age of 10 years four months.

18-Year-Old Alia Sabur, who is also the World’s Youngest College Professor in Materials Science and Engineering.

Nine-year-old child genius Laurent Simons also studies at the Eindhoven University of Technology, striving to become the youngest graduate at age 10.

Jeremy Shuler, who could read English and Korean before he was two years old, began studying engineering at Cornell University in 2016, at age 12.

Sho Yano also earned his bachelor’s degree at Loyola University at age 12, which took him only three years. Then, at 21, he made his MD from the University of Chicago.

Tanishq Abraham, at age 11, had earned three associate’s degrees, and at 14, is currently a senior studying bio-engineering major at UC Davis.

Featured Image from: Sundaily