Mumbai University’s Archaeology Department laments crucial funding

While Mumbai University announced the launch of its Mumbai University Archaeology Department more than two years ago, the faculty still struggles to become completely functional. 

There is a severe lack of educators in the department, and students are unable to fulfill their educational goals. Not only that, but the whole Mumbai University faculty of this department is constantly suffering from budget reductions, which further hinders the learning process.

Mumbai University’s reputation in India

Mumbai University is one of the best-recognized higher education institutions in India, and the announcement of a whole new archaeological department was well received by students.

Unfortunately, the ambitious goals of the university were not met with the proper financial support, and now students attending the Masters of Arts in Archaeology are facing challenges.

Currently, students in archaeology courses are under the care of the Centre for Extra-Mural Studies (CEMS). While in 2017, CEMS received more than seven thousand dollars in funding from Mumbai University, this support was gradually cut down over the next couple of years.

This has caused a significant delay in the official launch of the archaeological department at Mumbai University.

Archaeology and its importance 

It is true that archaeology is not one of the trendy higher education courses at the moment, it is actually a very important field of study.

Archaeologists from all over the world are looking to uncover the mysteries of our history, and their discoveries often lead to groundbreaking revelations. For example, thanks to the hard work of international archaeological expeditions, scientists are able to determine the rate of extinction of different species over billions of years.

Such information is extremely important for the future of the Earth and its inhabitants, including humans. 

Hopefully, Mumbai University will find a way to secure the necessary funding, in order to fully develop the archaeological department and support students in their courses. This is an essential higher education discipline, which requires proper funding and a sufficient number of faculty members.