Nadiem Makarim’s education reform program: Realistic or Imaginative?

The public wants more concrete detail in Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim’s education platform.

Nadiem Makarim doubtful with education reform

After making remarks about possible education reforms with the help of youth and civil society groups, Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim seems to have turned the tides. His vision seems to fall short of realistic plans and programs.

Makarim, the former CEO of Gojek, a delivery and motor-hailing service in Indonesia, delivered a speech during the National Teacher’s Day celebration. His speech focused on issues that hinder teacher development in India, specifically in areas of bureaucracy and a complex curriculum.

The public and numerous teachers applauded Nadiem Makarim’s ideology towards reforming the education system, but, Makarim admitted that he is yet to come up with a solution of his own.

Truthfully, I was afraid when I made the speech. I was thinking of how I would express my personal opinion as an education minister, on an issue I am not sure of how to be fixed.

The change should start at the roots

In his speech, Makarim reiterated that for change to be effective, it should start at the bottom, from the teachers.

The Education Minister wanted to encourage teachers to start the initiative even in small things like student engagement in class discussions. 

Make the class interactive rather than passive.

Teachers must determine students that lack confidence and urge them to showcase their skills and be more outgoing in class.

Be more involved

He mentioned that young people should express their passions while they are young and bold enough.

Makarim also called out to civil society groups to extend their helping hand in areas where the government lacks funding and support. Simple things like teacher training and leadership programs can go a long way when adequately funded.

It’s not because the government is incapable or private sectors are better, it’s a matter of sustainability. Integration and innovation are key to the improvement of the system.

The Education Minister emphasizes teacher training as the key to education reform. From the screening phase, prospects should already possess the qualities of a good teacher, to ensure that we are not wasting funds on their training.

Proper management of funds is needed. If we can allocate the budget provided by the government, we can manage to improve the quality of education here in Jakarta.


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